Cygnus Enterprises is an RPG, colony management, and top-down shooter title all in one

Hopefully there's not too many cooks in this one...

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Cygnus Enterprises Has Potential! Coming Soon To PC

Team Miaozi is a relatively new development subsidiary of NetEase, its team is a carefully picked and formed group of robust and well-renowned developers from practically all corners of the globe. The team is now gearing up for its first release since its foundation in 2019, called Cygnus Enterprises, and it looks like it’s being carefully designed to be a mash together of everything people like.

Even at an initial glance, you can see the multitude of influences of various other games and genres shining out in this release. An amalgam of a top-down sci-fi shooter looter, like a futuristic Diablo clone, but with a greater adjacent emphasis placed on crafting, base building, and team management. You know, all the catch-phrases.

But what about the setting? What’s actually happening in the world of Cygnus Enterprise? Well, imagine the golden age of humanity’s futuristic space explorations coming and going. All that’s left are various abandoned outposts on distant exoplanets simply decaying away, completely abandoned. But in this universe, Cygnus Enterprises – a basically fictional rendition of NASA and other research and development organisations in our own non-fictional world – has found a way to travel across space faster than ever before, leading to the employment of the player, a contractor tasked with restoring and maintaining the planet Mytilus’ outpost in its bright and vibrant planet-scape.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a sci-fi, otherworldly frontier outpost without the constant threat of hostile alien lifeforms looking to level the outpost you’re responsible for at the first opportunity that they get! Now, before you start waving your apocalyptic and barren-wasteland placards around Cygnus Enterprises, the game is set to have an E for Everyone content rating, setting a general atmosphere for what this title is going to be like.

Cygnus Enterprises is set to release as an early access title on Steam for PC on December 16 of this year – not too far away – with consistent free content updates building upon the initial IP. Hopefully it manages to be more inspired than an effort to ape everything popular out there.

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