Star Ocean: The Divine Force: Why I love this gorgeous game

This epic is just so gorgeous and eclectic.

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Star Ocean is such a wonderful series, bringing together very classical fantasy JRPG action with science fiction space drama. After a SIX year wait, we finally have a new one, and Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a real return to form for the series.

In addition to the full, 1,500-word review on DDNet for your reading pleasure, in this video, I look at the things that I really loved about the game, and talk about what makes Star Ocean a special game to me.

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  • I ended up not buying it because other reviewers mentioned (and showed) that the fonts used are extremely small, and I can’t be bothered to get up from the couch and walk to the TV every time a text is displayed.

    Was this not a problem for you?

    • The fonts ARE small, yes. For me they were right on the edge of readability. Not comfortable, but manageable. A point or two smaller and I would have found it difficult.

      • It always surprises me that after all these years of consoles being connected to a TV on the other side of the room, developpers still haven’t figured out how to make fonts large enough. Or at least of adjustable size. We have the technology… and it’s not like it’s hard to test. For me small fonts are a show stopper.

        • I almost understand it with the tiny indie developers, because every font size is a new UI challenge. But yes, with the big publishers and developers assuming a TV size is all kinds of unacceptable.

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