NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF is looking simple and sweet

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Everyone likes a good golf game. It’s a sports title that, when done well, isn’t too complex, so everyone can jump in and have a good time from the first swing. Our hearts and minds have been dominated by Clap Hanz’ most recent golf title (recently out on Nintendo Switch after a stint as an Apple Arcade exclusive), but perhaps this one can be a challenger for the title.

COLOPL, a game development publisher and developer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, almost certainly had Clap Hanz in mind in the development of its upcoming NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF. The aesthetics and atmosphere are incredibly similar. And that’s not a bad thing at all!

The game itself boils down to something as simple as its title – anime golf! But like always, let’s dig a little deeper!

The upcoming golf simulator is filled to the brim with everything you could possibly ask for. In addition to solo-play modes, you’ll have the ability to partake in one-on-one competitions and even regular online competitions. Crucially, there’s always something to enjoy, whether you prefer competitive or casual play – absolutely perfect for the mobile platform!

While that’s a decent enough outline of the golf component, what about the anime? Customisations galore! You can choose between five separate golfers and change their outfits accordingly, ensuring you always show up to the vibrant anime-themed golf course environments in flawless style!

NEKO GOLF: Anime GOLF is set to release worldwide sometime this month, available on the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android OS. While we always need to be cautious about how these things are monetised (and we really would rather buttons still), if it plays nicely, it could still be worth your time for those train trips and moments of downtime.

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