QuattroGear and Crest’s latest release includes demonic suitcases, side-scrolling action, and witchery

She can turn me into a toad any time.

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Sometimes it can be therapeutic to surround yourself with vile creatures, and the winding spirals and protrusions of gothic architecture, or so we’ve heard! Either way, this is all you’ll be experiencing in Black Witchcraft.

It hails from QuattroGear, a Korean indie game development studio that had previously developed a few unrelated releases throughout the 2010s for both Korean and Japanese markets.

Black Witchcraft, however, is the story of a legendary witch, Ligeia, who must travel through a dusty old manor (albeit appealingly decorated and otherwise well-maintained) filled with equally old mysteries and terrors. It’s a side-scrolling action, so it really makes the most of the macabre and ghastly atmosphere with creature and character designs inspired by Edgar Allen Poe himself. But you won’t be engaging in hand-to-hand combat with these fearsome foes, don’t be ridiculous! You’ll be assisted by Dullahan, a suitcase companion as plucky as he is demonic. And between him and yourself, “stigmas” and skill points can be acquired to improve traits and learn new magic abilities.

All of this can be seen in the recent ‘Game Promo’ trailer, uploaded today by Crest, the publisher. With further depictions of combat mechanics, dialogue snippets, and exquisitely abominable boss designs.

In addition to today’s trailer, an announcement confirming the release date and platforms has been made. You’ll be able to play the game on Steam for PC on September 8, with planned releases for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch at a later date.


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