Possibly the most wholesome Metroidvania of 2022 is imminent!

Adobe Flash games were just the best things. Miss them.

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A lot of people, especially a bunch of the DDNet team, have long and winding roots of fond memories of the golden age of Flash browser games, so it is quite pleasing to see Armor Games Studio still publishing games that look like they were from that era. Games like Islets!

This project hails from Kyle Thompson, a sole developer who had previously developed Sheepo back in 2020. That was a short and sweet platformer that had received mostly positive reviews from the small audience it had reached…. but that’s not what we’re here to talk about!

Right after Sheepo’s release, Thompson had gotten back on the development wagon and has been working on Islets for the better part of the last two years. In it, you play as Iko, an incredibly adorable mouse warrior who is tasked with travelling throughout various floating islands and befriending their inhabitants with the eventual goal of conjoining masses of lands to mend a mysterious previous fragmentation.

We’ve now received a new gameplay trailer, showcasing a bunch of mechanics which add a lot of fluidity, both to the combat and movement of your little mouse protagonist, as well as upgrades that can be obtained through a thorough exploration of your environment.

Above all, we would like to emphasise the sheer charm of the art style, as well as some of the most interesting parallax-scrolling we’ve seen in a while, and a sneak peak into its equally cute soundtrack via its trailer!

We’ve got high hopes for Thompson’s passion project, and with its release date set just around the corner on August 24 for the Xbox One, Switch, and PC, we hope you’re also going to have this one on your watch lists.


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