MIT Ph.D. students are working on an up-and-coming original puzzle game concept!

AAA-puzzle action, baby!

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This excitingly innovative open-world multiplayer puzzle game has the potential to do more than its fair share of rounds when it releases in 2023!

Although the name is subject to change, Project S has been officially announced, and is currently available to wishlist on Steam. The announcement comes as a joint project between Behaviour Interactive, the publisher, and Lunarch Studios, a puzzle game development studio fairly new to the market.

Behaviour Interactive is a video game production studio based in Canada, and are most well known for developing and publishing Dead by Daylight, but have also been involved with a bunch of other action and adventure titles since 1997. Lunarch Studios, however, isn’t as well known in the industry. Prior to the announcement of Project S, the team has worked on a couple of other releases, the most notable of which is Prismata, a novel combination of RTS, deckbuilding, and board gaming. The team is composed of seven incredibly talented and qualified developers who range from MIT and poker-prodigy backgrounds and aim to be boldly innovative in their game development above all.

Project S has been mentioned to have drawn inspiration from other notable 3D puzzle games, such as the Portal series and The Witness. But of course, as is traditional with Lunarch Studios it seems, a twist of multiplayer elements has been added to this upcoming open-world puzzle game. Paired with the publishing support of Behaviour Interactive and the advent of an environment of lush floating islands for the player to explore, you can begin to see why Project S is beginning to be marketed as a lifeline for puzzle gamers who live on the back of adventure and discovery.

Despite a full trailer and Steam page description, the only inkling of a release date we’ve been given is sometime next year in 2023. Although, if you just can’t wait that long, you can sign up for potential access to a closed beta playtest on Behaviour Interactive’s Beyond showcase website, found here.

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