Recap: Guerrilla Collective 3 Showcase (June 11, 2022)

From horror to puzzle, GC3 had it all!

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Guerrilla Collective 3 on June 11, 2022.

It’s time for Guerrilla Collective’s third annual showcase! There’s so many games to talk about this is actually just the first part – Guerrilla Collective 3.5 will happen a couple of days from now. From its Steam page, we can already gather what games will be talked about across these two showcases; expect to see South of the Circle, The Last Worker, Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, Time on Frog Island, and more. We’ll feature the highlights, as well as list all the mentioned titles.

Okay, I need to take a moment to vent. Developers, if you’re reading this: PLEASE make your game’s logo legible. I can’t tell you the number of titles I’ve been unable to read because of bad fonts combined with the name being flashed too quickly. This is bad. Don’t do this.

Game Highlights

I was a Teenage Exocolonist

You’re born on earth’s first colony ship. When you’re ten, the ship goes through a wormhole and lands on a new planet. The goal? Survival, of course! Humans take over the planet, but it doesn’t necessarily sit well with you. I was a Teenage Exocolonist will be released on August 25 for PC via Steam.


This looks like a really cool, cute, and spooky puzzle-type game… and then things go very bad. Ugly is a dark fairy tale platformer. There seems to be a mirrored universe, and you have to play in both at the same time. There are a large variety of bosses to fight and puzzles to solve, and there’s even an alternate ending to find after you reach the actual ending. Ugly will be released for PC in 2023.


This trailer is so tense I can barely look at it! MADiSON is a first-person psychological horror game. With the help of an instant camera, players connect the human world with the beyong. Solve puzzles, explore your surrounds, and just try to survive. MADiSON will be released on July 8.

South of the Circle

South of the Circle is set in 1960s Antarctica. Memory is a funny thing: different people can have different memories of the exact same thing. Memories can evolve over time. South of the Circle is about the individual and individual choices we make. It was an emotional game to create and it is an emotional game to play.

The Last Worker

This game is first-person narrative adventure set around our struggle with incorporating into a technological world. There’s a single human left in this workplace, he’s never made a mistake so they’ve had no reason to get rid of him. The Last Worker has an incredible voice cast, including Jason Isaacs as the protagonist’s robot companion. You’ve got to go to places you’re not supposed to be… there’s a delicate balance between pleasing the activists and completing the job properly. It will be released later this year.

Cassette Beasts

Oh this is cute! Combine any monsters using fusion. The game is an open-world turn-based RPG, AKA my kind of game. It is set it New Wirral, a remote island inhabited by weird creatures. The goal? Get off that freaking island and find your way home! Cassette Beasts is coming soon to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.


Zoeti is a poker-based roguelike. Yes, you read that right. It’s a really neat combination! Choose a character with their own unique play style. When you win, you get stronger. There is a limited number of skill slots, and each is tied to a certain poker hand. At the beginning of the fight, draw a bunch of cards. You can strike with individual cards. You can level up skills or even add new ones. Modifiers are available to pick up.

Alterium: Shift

Pyra, Atlas, and Sage are sent out on an important mission from their master. This game is adorable, and a retro-inspired JRPG. Each character has a specific skillset. Each one also has their own path to play. And there’s fishing! And treasure! And chickens! I like all those things! Follow the heroes on their epic journey. It is coming to PC and consoles.


Keylocker is a turn-based tactical RPG, set in a world without music. Battles take place on tiles. Some attacks cause passive attacks. There are no skills, but there are skeylls (ha). The Skeyll Tree has two branches available, and each class has its own tree. Go far enough down, and you can create a hybrid class.

Batora: Lost Haven

Will launch this fall. Narrative Action RPG where the protagonist needs to save who and what she loves. There are four different worlds, each represented by one of the natural elements. All the planets are inspired by real places and cultures. For example, there’s a part of the game based on Chinese mythology. There are two different combat styles (physical, mental) to fit with the theme of the game: dualism. There are also puzzles scattered across the worlds. It will be released in Q4 2022 for PC and consoles.

Spells & Secrets

Move over, scholl of witchcraft and wizardry that I shall not name. There’s a new game in town that does all those things, but without being related to someone else I shall not name. The game is a roguelike inspired action adventure where the player frees a wizarding school from magical creatures. Play co-op, customise your wizard, and find powerful artifacts.


Frogun is a fun, upbeat platformer. Renata is the daughter of a world famous archaeologist. She was never allowed to accompany her parents to their work, but now she’s got to save them. Jump, zip-line, grab, and throw. Frogun is both your grappling hook and your best friend. The bosses are giant bugs, guarding new areas. They’re cute, but powerful. You can swap your helmet with hats, collect gallery images, and more. Look out for Jake, a young treasure hunter trying to get to the treasure before Renata; when you see him, it becomes a race.

The full list of games

  • From Space (launching Q4 2022)
  • I was a Teenage Exocolonist (launching August 25 for PC via Steam)
  • Ugly (launching next year for PC)
  • Boundary
  • Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms (launching June 30)
  • Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle
  • Signals (coming launching 27)
  • Gravewood High: multiplayer update this summer
  • MADiSON (launching July 8)
  • The Fridge is Red
  • Industria (available now for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series)
  • South of the Circle
  • This War of Mine: Final Cut (available now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series)
  • The Last Worker (launching this year)
  • Slope Crashers
  • Cassette Beasts (launching soon for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One
  • Contract Killer (launching Q3 2022 for Nintendo Switch and Xbox)
  • Rytmos
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (launching June 16 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One)
  • Skald: Against the Black Priory
  • BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad out now
  • Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (launching this October for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One)
  • 9 Years of Shadows
  • WrestleQuest
  • Zoeti
  • Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess
  • Live by the Swords Tactics
  • Necroboy: Path to Evilship
  • Alterium: Shift
  • Greedventory
  • Keylocker
  • Symphony of War available now PC via S/E
  • Batora: Lost Haven
  • Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
  • Xel (launching in the coming months)
  • Spells & Secrets
  • River Tails: Stronger Together
  • Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure
  • Time on Frog Island (launching July 12 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One)
  • Frogun
  • I Am Future (launching later this year)
  • Flateye
  • Garden In!
  • Witch Strandings
  • Monster Outbreak (launching August 25 for PC via Steam/Epic)
  • The Cub (launching for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One)
  • Mira: The Legend of the Djinns
  • Rainworld: Downpour expansion coming soon
  • Exo One (launching this year for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4)
  • Shashingo: Learn Japanese with Photography

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