Super Bullet Girls coming to Switch, PS4, PC

PQube to publish a deck-building roguelike, Super Bullet Break

Get the cuties in your parties!

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PQube is a publisher with a knack for finding quirky and interesting projects. Its latest, Super Bullet Break, might just be one of its most interesting. This “deck-building roguelike,” features a lot of super-cute anime girls, and draws inspiration from everything from rhythm games and dating games right through to dungeon crawlers.

Altogether there are 160 “bullets” (these cute anime girls), and they’re earned via a microtransaction-free gacha system (giving people the excitement of random drops without the predatory financial aspect of them). As you earn these characters you’ll be able to add them to your party and upgrade them in the endless pursuit of power, and then take them questing on a range of maps inspired by popular genres. There are seven of these genres, which is where the dating game, rhythm game and dungeon crawler themes come from.

The art of this Super Bullet Break is gorgeous, and those that preorder the day one edition can look forward to a large art book featuring the girls as a bonus.

While we don’t have a specific date at this stage, Super Bullet Break will land on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this year. In the meantime, to help whet your appetite, we do have a trailer:


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