NISA has announced a bunch of new games

JRPGs, weird stealth fun, and top-tier ports.

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New Game+ Expo happened recently, and as usual, the Japanese publishers were there in force to make their announcements. NISA has always been one of the most proactive, and it has a bevvy of interesting new titles on the way.

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3

As with the previous two Prinny Presents, Volume 3 will contain two JRPGs from yesteryear. This time around it will be La Pucelle: Ragnarok (known elsewhere in the world as La Pucelle: Tactics), and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Fun fact, La Pucelle was one of the very first games I got paid to review, for Official PlayStation 2 Magazine way back in the day, so I have a strong nostalgic interest in this particular two-game collection.

Kamiwaza: Way Of The Thief

Kamizawa is a stealth action game that was originally released on PlayStation 2. Developed by Acquire (perhaps better known in the west for its work on Shinobido in the stealth space), Kamiwaza offers up a Robin Hood story set during the Edo period of Japan, but with a strong dose of humour to go with it. The game’s getting a full makeover for the new generations, and is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

Ys VIII is coming to the PlayStation 5. This remains one of the better-loved entries in the storied franchise, and while the PlayStation 5 version doesn’t seem to have all that much done to it, the improved frame rates and loading times along might make it worth a re-visit for some.

Also the game has Laxia and hopefully it still has the swimsuit costumes. I was never able to get access to them with the Switch release for some reason. Perhaps the PS5 release can be redemption.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory/Fallen Legion Revenants

Finally, the Fallen Legion series is launching on the PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox consoles for the first time. I’ve never been the world’s biggest fan of this series myself, but I do know that it has its advocates, and it may well find a new audience among the Xbox players.

And there you have it! NISA’s roadmap for the immediate future. It’s perhaps not the strongest lineup that NISA’s ever had, but the Prinny Presents titles are legitimately good, that stealth action game is intriguing, and Ys VIII is reliable, even if it’s a game people have already played before.

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    • NISA has done such a good job at introducing games to the west and building a massive catalogue of its own. Truly one of the mavericks of the industry 🙂

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