You’re getting a demo of the Dee Dee: A Week on the Water visual novel this weekend!

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News by Matt S.

While I’m sharing the good news about the goings-on at DDNet, I thought now would be a good time to share this too – the visual novel project which was unfortunately waylaid is back on track! I’ve been able to rebuild it, and make good progress with getting all the text, art, and interactive bits and pieces back in there (there’s a lot, I assure you!). I’m probably only a month or so away from actually having the game finished again, so I wanted to use this opportunity to demonstrate that it’s not vapourware and also give you a full taste of what’s to come!

The demo will give you the first day (of the in-game week) to play through, which will offer a number of different paths, as well as some of the puzzles and quiz questions. It’s probably around an hour’s worth (but replayable because, again, a number of paths), and will give you a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the game. You’ll also get to enjoy plenty of the high-quality art and music that has gone into the making of this game.

This will be released on our channel for free (of course – it is a demo, after all). We’re super-excited to hear what you think about this game, and the full version won’t be far behind it!

– Matt S.

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