Idea Factory’s excellent Dragon Star Varnir has a Switch release date

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Dragon Star Varnir has been one of Idea Factory’s successful experiments on PlayStation 4. The dark fairy tale-infused JRPG offers excellent, original combat, a rich narrative and, of course, Idea Factory’s usual fan service infusion.

Now it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, and will launch in North America and Europe on August 3. There will also be a physical edition made available (in limited quantities) through Limited Run Games.

Idea Factory ports to Switch do have a patchy history as far as their technical proficiency is concerned. There are typically frame rate and visual fidelity issues, and Dragon Star Varnir is ambitious enough that I would expect that to be an issue here as well. With that being said, having these games in a portable form for on-the-go play is worthwhile in itself, and they’ve never been anywhere near unplayable. The Switch version will also include DLC armour, weapon and higher level caps that were sold as extras on the PlayStation version of the game.

All of this is my roundabout way of saying that I am very much looking forward to playing Dragon Star Varnir again on my Switch.

Check out our review of the original release of the game!

– Matt S.
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