Be sure to grab the Dee Dee Zine this weekend! What to look forward to

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News by Matt S.

This week we launch the first full issue of the Dee Dee Zine for Patreon backers. A monthly digital magazine, this first full issue has a full 48 pages of coverage of Japanese games, arts, culture and more.

For just a sample of what to expect, check out the screenshots below. Features include:

– The ten best JRPGs for the Nintendo Switch
– Essays on Shantae, Death Mark, Project Zero, modern Game Boy games, and Dead or Alive
– Historical features looking at Yasuke, the “Black Samurai”, and a key location on the Tokaido road
– Anime and book reviews
– And plenty more!

To get the magazine, all you need to do is support us on Patreon. You can do so for just $1/month – there’s no special “tier” to gain access to the magazine. And how many other magazine subscriptions cost just $1/month?

The magazine will be available for download on Saturday. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

– Matt S. 

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