Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami is a stalker horror with a lot of fan service

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When you play a game from Qureate, the publisher behind Fantasy Tavern Sextet, TroubleDays and NinNinDays, you can be sure of one thing if nothing else; a whole lot of panties, boobs, and other such fan service things. None of these games are what you might call “classics” (or even “quality”), but they know what they are, and they roll with it, and so, I guess, should we. Anyhow, Qureate has another one on the horizon for Nintendo Switch, called Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami, and unlike the others, this one’s not a visual novel.

Instead, it’s a 2D stalker horror thing, where you play as a pretty girl (or in this case, three pretty girls) that needs to explore a horrible place, and run and hide from the ugly monsters that periodically show up. As the name of the thing suggests, these girls are in the haunted place to get awesome content for their streams, but unfortunately, they get much more than they bargained for.

You’ll need to find items, solve puzzles, and do a lot of run-and-hiding. We’ve played a few of these at DDNet recently, with some (Creeping Terror, the Coma), being really quite compelling. This one adds a blatant fascination with women’s underwear into the mix, but who knows? The trailer is promising. This one might just rise about Qureate’s usual standards and deliver something special. It releases on April 15.

– Matt S.
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