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News by Matt S.

As the scope of what we do at DDNet expands, we’re aware that we have really started to do a lot of different things – visual novels, podcast, video analysis, streams, reviews, news, interviews, feature articles. We also realise that it’s increasingly hard to keep track of everything that we do.

Naturally, we want to make it easier and more convenient than needing to click onto the website, YouTube channel, and social media every day, and so we’re launching a weekly newsletter for everyone that wants to get a digest of the main articles and videos that we’ve done each week.

You’ll also see an “issue 1” sample if you follow that link. That’s just a test that we threw together quickly to try the platform, but it will give you a general idea of the look and feel of the newsletter. We will continue to refine the content and formatting of the newsletter over the next couple of weeks. But we do hope that this becomes a much easier way to keep an eye on our coverage, news and updates.

Thanks as always for being a part of DDNet! It is your support that continues to help us be that independent and growing voice that allows us to cover and focus on games that a lot of other outlets don’t.

– Matt S. 
Find me on Twitter: @mattsainsb

This is the bio under which all legacy articles are published (as in the 12,000-odd, before we moved to the new Website and platform). This is not a member of the DDNet Team. Please see the article's text for byline attribution.

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