Disgaea 6 gets a new Japanese trailer and is looking so good

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News by Matt S. 

Tactics JRPG fans are going to really want to check this one out: Nippon Ichi in Japan has revealed the latest trailer for Disgaea 6, and it is looking really, really good.

Disgaea is an oddball series of tactics JRPGs that are all about going way, way, way over-the-top with their experience levels, damage, special abilities, and sense of humour. It looks like this new one is packing all of that in and more, along with the characteristically wild vibe aesthetic.

The game is just days away in Japan – it lands on January 28 – but you’re going to need to have advanced Japanese skills to import this one. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait for the inevitable western localisation, but as this is Nippon Ichi’s big series, I’m sure they’ll make the wait worth it with this one.

– Matt S. 
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