We have a release of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV on Switch

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News by Matt S.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is one of the best strategy games going around. It released on PlayStation 4 and PC earlier in the year, and we absolutely. Now there’s an expanded version that’s coming to PS4 and PC… but the real exciting news here is that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch as well. I do so want my RoTK on Switch.

The game releases on February 11 of next year. If you do have the original release on PS4 or PC, you’ll be able to upgrade to this new version via the “Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack” DLC.

You’ll want to get this game nice and early, too. The The Fall of Shu Han scenario will be available as a free download for the first two weeks after the game’s release. Meanwhile, Battle of Yiling, which was a bonus on PS4 and PC for the original release will be available to Switch players for the first couple of weeks, too.

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