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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Earth Defence Force: World Brothers is adorable

News by Matt S.

D3 Publisher continues to demonstrate that Earth Defence Force is one of the most creative and criminally under-appreciated properties out there. The company has shared a new trailer for the next entry into the series - World Brothers - and this thing is just amazing.

See, World Brothers uses voxel art, and voxel art, plus the mayhem of an Earth Defence Force game, is nothing short of perfect. Bright colours, irreverent action, big explosions and destruction - it's every amusing, silly action game you've ever seen with a spot-on "modern pixels" look.

We don't have an announcement of a western release just yet, though D3 is very effective at finding localisers for this particular series, so I wouldn't worry about that happening at some stage. It launches in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this year at some point.

- Matt S. 
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Earth Defence Force: World Brothers is adorable
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