Import this! Four awesome flip phone games, ported to Nintendo Switch

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Video by Matt S.

We never really had flip phones in Australia – most of us jumped from the old Nokia bricks to smartphones, with feature phones never really establishing a large audience, much less a segment of the games industry, but over in Japan flip phones and feature phones were a big deal.

One company has ported a few of its feature phone games to Nintendo Switch, and these things will get you nostalgic for an era of video games that most of us never experienced. They are all genuinely fun games though, and three of the four of them are very import friendly. In this video I discuss the relative merits of them all, and why I find them so appealing.

The game’s names, in case you want to try and research them:

Ai to Ai to Roudou no Hibi
Kururin Cafe
Beach Volley Girl Shizuku
Flyhight Cloudia

If you do happen to play any of these games, be sure to jump on and let me know what you think of them!

– Matt S. 
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