Did you miss any of our streams last week? Catch up here!

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Article by Matt S.

Last week we drove on with Final Fantasy II, delved into ancient Chinese history with some Dynasty Warriors action, went swimming with our favourite Blue Reflection girls, and embarked on a quest to kill zombies and look good doing it in a school uniform.
If you missed any of those streams, catch up with the videos below ahead of the start of this week’s streams. And, as always, if there are any particular games that you’d like to see us cover, just let us know. We can’t guarantee that we can cover every request, but we will do our absolute best.

Retro Tuesday: Final Fantasy II on SNES (i.e. Final Fantasy IV)

DDNet After Dark: Dead or School

JRPG Saturday: Blue Reflection

Anything Goes Sunday: Dynasty Warriors 9

As always, our first stream of the week will be Retro Tuesday. Will we play more of Final Fantasy IV, go back to some more Dragon Quest Monsters, or play something else? Not quite sure at this stage, but if you’ve got a preference, let us know!

– Matt S. 
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