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Finally. FINALLY! The best Nintendo Switch game of all, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Mega Mix, has its release date for western markets… and you’ll be playing it sooner than you may have expected.

The game releases on May 15, having released earlier in the year in Japan,  along with all the DLC that was made available in Japan post-release. Assuming, of course, you pay for the “Mega Pack” version. You can always buy those at a later date if you just want to try things out and then (inevitably) decide that you love it.

Additionally, there’s a free demo available as of now, featuring two of the 100+ songs available. Given that one of the songs is Romeo and Cinderella, and that’s one of Miku’s very finest, it’s the perfect way to whet your appetite.

Get ready to Miku Miku your way through the rest of COVID-19, and don’t forget to read my massive review of the game if you haven’t yet. I put a lot of effort into that thing.

– Matt S. 
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