My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 2 is live now!

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Danica Dee – Dee Dee – has got it all – she’s gorgeous, smart, and makes a fortune from her dancing. What you didn’t know about Dee Dee is that she has the wildest bunch of friends you could imagine.

The second full volume of the My Time With Dee Dee series of visual novels introduces two of Dee Dee’s closest – her sister, Nettie, and her best friend Loren. What starts as a night of pen-and-paper fun kicks off one very silly weekend of fan service, humour, and even a bit of learning stuff.

Modeled after the slice of life genre, Volume 2 of this series of visual novels really represents a weekend of every day choices and activities… or it would, if this bunch of girls didn’t have a habit of turning everything up to 11 and beyond.

The features

Features of My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 2 include:

– 21 different possible narrative paths, and six different endings. You’ll have plenty of decisions to make, and every decision will cause the story to head off in a different direction.
– A map! For the first time with My Time With Dee Dee you’ll be able to select parts of the town to visit at various points in time.
– Plenty of gorgeous art – fully detailed sprites for both new characters to join the My Time With Dee Dee crew, and six pieces of key art to find and experience along the way.
– Learn a bit more! “Teach me, professor” has some additional insights and information for people that find the VN’s themes interesting.
– Plenty to experience – It’ll take you 4-5 hours to run through all the various plot lines and experience all the endings.

Remember, those who back us on Patreon get these visual novels as part of their pledge. Otherwise, you can grab it from right now for $7.99.

Thank you for your ongoing support! These visual novels can only happen because of the amazing readers that we have.

And don’t forget, the first volume is also still available!

– Matt S.
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