E3 Trailer: XCOM meets prohibition in Empire of Sin

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News by Matt S. 

XCOM has proven to be a very versatile foundation for a wide range of games. XCOM itself is a science fiction human-vs-aliens affair, but that foundation has been used for everything from James Bond-like espionage titles through to Call of Cthulhu-style horror. And now the celebrated Romero family are taking their own crack at it, this time with a prohibition-era gangster narrative, Empire of Sin.

What a fascinating time the prohibition was for a study of organised crime, corruption, vice and decadence. It’s perhaps an underused setting these days (possibly because it was so long ago now that humanity’s collective memory of it has faded), but every so often someone will throw their hat in the ring to give it a go.

We see virtually nothing from the E3 trailer for Empire of Sin, but the snippets of gameplay that we do see show a strong visual vibe, a clear passion and understanding of the tone and aesthetics of the era, and plenty and plenty of promise. This won’t launch until 2020, so we’ll see plenty more of it on its way to launch, no doubt.

– Matt S. 
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