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Pre-orders are open for Catherine: Full Body!

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Rush to your browsers and hit your respective PlayStation stores, as Atlus has opened up digital pre-orders for Catherine: Full Body. For those of you in Australia, you can click here to get there fast. Oh, and there’s a new trailer, too:

Be sure to watch the trailer, as it shows off some of the new material, including cutscenes and the Remix mode.

Catherine: Full Body is a remaster of 2011’s Catherine, about a man named Vincent who is settling down with his girlfriend (Katherine) while drooling over another girl (Catherine). This new version includes improved visuals, music, multiplayer options, and more. The real bonus: Laura Bailey does the voice of Catherine.

The weirdest Neptunia game of all has a release date

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

I’m sure I’m not the only one that thought that Neptunia Shooter was some kind of weird April’s Fool Day joke when the announcement landed. That the announcement didn’t come on April 1 wasn’t enough to convince me otherwise, either. It was just too odd, even by Neptunia standards, to be a real thing.

But it is a thing, and it looks like a wacky good time. Neptunia Shooter lands on PC via Steam on May 21, and it promises all the SHMUP bullet hell action (featuring Dogoos) that you could possibly ask for.

Publisher, Compile Heart, has also dropped a first gameplay trailer, which shows off how manic the game will be. This will be a rare step for the series in that it’ll be the first time a Neptunia game hasn’t launched on console first. Hopefully it sells well enough on PC to justify a port.

Two fabulous titles are about to become free to PS+ members

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Sony has announced which two titles will be free to PS Plus members this month, starting next Tuesday.

What Remains of Edith Finch is a can’t-miss title, following a girl through her return to a childhood home. Brita reviewed it for DDNet – read that here.

Overcooked is easily one of the best couch co-op titles of this generation, so it’s also worth a gander if you’re a PS+ member. You’ll soon be a star at managing professional kitchens (…digitally, at least).

Prepare to be scared by this game-inspired trailer

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Have the tissues handy, as you’ll be in tears of fear and fury by the end…. and watch this:

Surprise, it’s Sonic! And SURPRISE, he’s the most terrifying thing you’ll ever see. Check out those wonky proportions; he looks like a kid in footie pijamas.

Sonic the Hedgehog hits theatres on November 8. It stars Jim Carrey as Robotnik, but I don’t think even that is enough to make up for the horrific visuals.

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