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Friday, February 22, 2019

The worst thing has happened! Untitled Goose Game has been delayed

News by Matt S. 

If you have any sense of style, then you're surely looking forward to Untitled Goose Game. The product of an outrageously talented Aussie indie team, Untitled Goose Game has it all; you get to be a goose, and you get to be a jerk to everyone around you.

The moment I saw that you could nab some poor dude's sandwich and dump it in a lake, I knew that this game spoke to my heart and soul. Inwardly, I've always wanted to be that goose.

Sadly, while the game was initially slated for launch right about now, the development team has decided to take a bit longer to refine it. It's now a "late 2019" release. On the plus side, the team did break the bad news in the best way that I've ever seen:

This game, people. This game is just going to be perfect.

- Matt S. 
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The worst thing has happened! Untitled Goose Game has been delayed
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