The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #11: Civilization VI

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Christmas is on the way! It’s time to adorn the tree with dazzling lights, bust out the obligatory TV specials, and gobble festive treats faster than the chef in your family can put them down. More importantly, it’s a precious opportunity to ditch your routine and bask in the company of those you hold dearest.
There might not be snow banks to leap into depending on your geographic coordinates, but video games under a blanket can provide fun with 100 per cent less mess (barring severe eggnog mishaps). It wouldn’t be Christmas at DDNet without our requisite list of games to keep you warm and cozy for the holidays. Each day until Christmas, we’ll highlight a title that’s perfect for passing the time, bonding with friends, or stuffing in your buddy’s stocking.
Join us on this 24 day adventure as we count down to the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Christmas!

Game #11: Civilization VI
(Read our review of the game here)

Civilization is the kind of game that you want to spend a lot of time with. Once you start a campaign (which can run for dozens of hours), you’re not going to want to take too long of a break from it, else you’ll load it up and then confuse yourself trying to figure our what to do next.

So Christmas, where you’ve got some time away from work, is the ideal time to start that new game of Civilization VI. With the Nintendo Switch version, you can now do that from anywhere and any time – what better way to spend a lazy morning in bed during your Christmas break then establishing the greatest empire that history has ever known?

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