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Guide a blind prince in Nippon Ichi’s next title

By Lindsay M., News Editor

Nippon Ichi is behind some wonderful titles, and I expect this newly announced game to be a favourite. Liar Princess and the Blind Prince takes place in a storybook setting and joins the blind prince on his quest through a forest to find a witch that can cure his blindness.

The prince is joined by the princess, who is actually a wolf that can transform into the innocent female that guides the prince through the forest. The wolf has its own skills, though, so there are times you’ll need to become the wold to solve puzzles. The game includes a stage skip feature for those who solely want to enjoy the story. The wolf/princess has its own reasons for wanting to help the prince, and it will take some cunning solving skills to hide its true identity.

Liar Princess and the Blind Prince will be out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita (yes!), and Switch on May 31 in Japan. There has been no Western release date announced, although I don’t doubt that it will happen soon.

Mulaka pre-orders are live and this game looks incredible

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

Mulaka is a game about Mexico. Specifically it’s about the Tarahumara people of northern Mexico, and it’s a 3D action game that’s all about showing off the people’s rich history and unique lore. It’s being developed by Mexicans, and it seems to be very much in the vein of Never Alone (read our review here), which explored Alaska’s native people, from a few years ago.

When much of the conversation about Mexico at the moment spins around that idiot’s efforts to stick a wall up between the country and its neighbour, games like this are all the more important in reminding us of the value and heritage of the country… and it helps that it’s a really good looking game, too.

The game will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Preorders for it are now live. Do pre-order and support this one. Games-as-culture is a good thing to support.

A new Swery title will be out this year!

By Lindsay M., News Editor

We’ve talked before about Swery’s previously announced title, The Good Life. It’s original Kickstarter failed but it will be back up next month — but that’s not what this news tidbit is actually about! Developed by Swery’s newly-opened White Owls studio and published by Arc System Works, The Missing is due out sometime this year. Here’s the announcement video:

We know nothing except for what is revealed in the above video, and a message from Swery. An excerpt, perhaps the most important passage from his note:

“The title, ‘The Missing,’ has many meanings. A missing person, someone who’s lost, or even something lost. Maybe it’s your loved one… or a place you belong. Do you ever feel lost in your everyday life? The Missing is for someone like you. … We can’t reveal too much today, can we? OK, yeah… that’s what I thought. Frankly, this title will blow your mind. I think it’s sick. I’m confident it will exceed your expectations. So, please stay tuned.”

The Missing is due out on consoles sometime this year.

Those sexy four Goddesses arrive on Steam on February 27

By Matt S., Editor-in-Chief

Cyberdimension Neptunia was released on PlayStation 4 last year, and impressed us with its fun action and clever riffs on the MMO genre. It’s like a Sword Art Online game, only more ridiculous. And now it’s coming to PC via Steam on February 27.

You can read our review of the game here, but in short it’s much like all the games featuring Nepgear and the gang; it’s silly, funny, entertainingly fanservicey fun from start to finish. This particular game was developed by Tamsoft, which has worked on most of the action JRPG Hyperdimension games.

The Steam version has English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles, and will be available on the platform worldwide. And remember: Blanc is the best.

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