The 24 games of Christmas! Game #6: Disney Crossy Road

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Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. If you’re in the north then you get to enjoy snow, hot drinks, the wonderful colours of decorations and the smell of a freshly-cut Christmas tree. If you’re south of the equator, it means blistering hot weather, beer, and the wonderful colours of decorations and the smell of a freshly-cut Christmas tree.

Christmas is a time for good food, family, and friends. It’s a time for celebration, and Christmas is the time of year where it’s okay to be a kid all over again, and count down the days to gifts and celebrations one day at a time. Each year we get into the spirit of the season ourselves with a countdown of our own; the 24 Games of Christmas!

So please do join in the countdown with us, crack open some great games, and enjoy the season!

Game #6: Disney Crossy Road
(Read our review here)

While many of us would love to dedicate our entire Christmas break to catching up on games, the reality is, of course, that there’s a lot of family parties, parties with friends, dates with spouses or partners, and so on. So Christmas isn’t always our own time, and there’s often a lot of travel involved.

That’s where Disney Crossy Road comes in. It’s perfect to pass away trips, short and long, and it’s the perfect escape when, at a family party, the family’s resident racist decides that you really want to hear about the beef he/she has with the Muslims or Asians or whatever (don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every family has one). Play Disney Crossy Road a bit and hopefully he/she will decide you’re busy (or just rude, but it’s okay to be rude to these kinds of people), and leave you alone. That way your own Chriostmas won’t be ruined.

Worked for me with the original Crossy Road. And Disney Crossy Road is even better.

– Matt S.
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