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(Note: I’m not 100% certain if this one will be, but some of these panels are also streamed live. Keep an eye out if you’re not able to attend in person).

PAX Australia is the biggest event on the calendar for the Australian gaming community. This year DDNet will be there in force, and I’m personally part of one of the panels. The topic? Japanese games, of course.

So, if you’re around at 8pm on the Friday night, jump on over to the Gallah theatre and watch myself and some of the other Japanophiles talk about Nintendo Switch, TGS, Japanese games, and more besides. I hear there will be giveaways, and of course you’ll be most welcome to ask me questions about just how much I really love Hatsune Miku.

Full panel details below:

Tokyo Game Show is one of the big three “showcase” events for games, yet gets the least love from western gaming press. Not this year! We’ve got a spread of weeb gaming fans who want to talk NX, Persona 5 and a bunch of other Japanese games, plus we’ll have giveaways fresh off the plane from the Land of the Rising Fun. Hell, it might even turn into a batsu game…


Jason O’Callaghan [Owner/Executive Producer, New Game Plus Productions], Matt Sainsbury [Owner/Executive Editor, Digitally Downloaded], Matt Batten [Presenter/Streamer, New Game Plus Productions], Lance McDonald [CCO, Say Again Studio], Nas Papaharisis [Presenter/Streamer, New Game Plus Productions]

And link, so you can check it out on the website!

– Matt S.
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