This week on the DDNet podcast: The creator of Ninja Pizza Girl joins us to talk Australian games!

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Digitally Uploaded podcast!

This week, we have special guest host, Nicole Stark, who joins us from Aussie developer, Disparity Games. Stark’s key game to date is Ninja Pizza Girl, a superb speedrun platformer that landed on PC last year, and is coming to console soon enough. 

With Chris taking a break, Alan and I took the opportunity to do an episode of the podcast dedicated purely to Australian games; from the earliest of games through to the many indie hits that we have now, Australia has for a very long time been one of the best regarded markets in the world for development… and it’s only going bigger and better places from here.

Enjoy the podcast!… and be sure to follow us on Twitter:

Matt: @digitallydownld

Alan: @Ironshroom
Nicole: @ColeStark

Music: It’s all from Ninja Pizza Girl, and it’s all great!

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