The Friday Ten: The best characters in Disney Crossy Road

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List by Lindsay M.

Disney Crossy Road has been out for a couple weeks now, and I can say with ease I have spent far too much of my time tapping and flicking those gosh darn cute pixellated Disney characters to their deaths. The game is essentially a reskinned Crossy Road (you know, the one by Aussie-based Hipster Whale that we included in a 10-best Aussie games list). The more you play — and the more you return to the game — the more coins you save up, and characters are “prizes” that can be earned with the coins. Needless to say my collection is still lacking in some regards, but there are some amazing characters available to play with. As an added bonus, the levels are skinned to match the character’s film. This list comprises of my favourites in no particular order.

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Pascal (Tangled)

I learned very quickly playing Disney Crossy Road that I adore the tiny characters. Pascal is one of these; he is a chameleon who constantly changes colour as his moves — although he never actually matches what he is standing on, so he’s easy to see despite his size. His small stature means all obstacles in the same seem that much larger (even though he moves on the same scale as his taller counterparts). I keep expecting Pascal to have the ability to duck under horses, leading to some very sudden endings for Rapunzel’s best friend and confidante.

Donald Duck (Mickey Mouse & Friends)

I am especially fond of Donald Duck, as my cousin used to imitate the quacky character to cheer me up (and it always worked). The pantless bird fits in quite well with the background for Mickey & Friends as the setting is a vibrant as all contemporary Mickey cartoons. One of the reasons Donald works so well in Disney Crossy Road is the hopping — I mean really, who has ever seen a duck hop? Practically nobody (I can’t rule it out completely). There is just something about the bobbing of his little blue hat that I can’t get enough of!

Woody (Toy Story)

The Toy Story level is quite difficult: there is the usual vehicular traffic, along with chattering teeth going back and forth horizontally and colourful blocks being thrown your way from up ahead. Set in Andy’s room, the reason I love playing with Woody the most is solely because he’s the protagonist in the (first) movie and seems the most at home in one of the best settings in Disney Crossy Road.

Caretaker & Dog (Haunted Mansion)

Caretaker & Dog are the only duo I’ve come across to date in the game. Now, I know very little of Haunted Mansion and couldn’t tell you if it’s based on the attraction or the movie, but the Caretaker gets some actual lines and they’re hilarious to boot! As you start the level he will say creepy things like, “We have 999 haunts here… but there’s room for a thousand” and, “If you insist on lagging behind, you may not need to volunteer.” As such, it comes as no surprise when the Caretaker and his dog end up being flattened by a piano later on.

Doug (Zootopia) 

I haven’t even seen Zootopia yet, but Doug is a white sheep in a lemon-yellow outfit. He does nothing extraordinary, and the Zootopia level is nothing special, but Doug’s outfit is so slammin’ he deserves a spot on this list. You be you, Doug!

Rafiki (The Lion King)

As with some other characters, one of the reasons I like to play as Rafiki is that he is vivid against the background; his little blue butt stands out from the sand and grass quite impressively. He makes in infamous bongo sounds, but I wish they were able to pull in some voice work or something instead. The music in The Lion King level is great, a twinkling version of I Just Can’t Wait To Be King. The great character of Rafiki and the wonderful music help draw me back to this level, because otherwise I’d steer clear. It’s incredibly difficult, with insane stampedes often ending my quest at a high score.

Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Baymax loves cats, is super compassionate, and makes funny deflating noises. Oh, and the level is set in Japan. Enough said.

Disgust (Inside Out)

With Disgust in the picture, I want to look at all the other characters and barf! Okay, not really. Disgust may have been a grumpy gem voiced by the effervescent Mindy Kaling in Inside Out but she’s downright pleasant to play as in the Inside Out level. Her vibrant green body stands out nicely against a level made up of pastel pinks, blues, and greens, making her one of the easier characters to use.

Hero’s Duty Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph)

Normal Ralph is pretty cool, but he lacks gun power. You wouldn’t think big guns would come in handy while playing a game where the goal is to simply cross the street, but Hero’s Duty Ralph can actually shoot at cars or incoming enemies. If you want to just stomp through the world of Wreck-It Ralph without enjoying the scenery, bulking up Ralph is the way to go.

Vanellope (Wreck-It Ralph)

Vanellope von Schweetz is one of the most endearing Disney characters of the current generation. The poor girl was originally princess/ruler of the Sugar Rush video game, but was turned into a glitch by the evil King Candy. Her glitchy-glitchiness carries through to Disney Crossy Road, as her sprite often “glitches” by flickering.

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