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RIP Pokémon artist Eric Medalle

I would like to express the staff’s condolences regarding the passing of Eric Medalle. Medalle, an artist with The Pokémon Company for over a decade, also worked as a designer on several games. He died last weekend in a freak accident when a tree collapsed on his car. His daughter was in the car at the time but was rescued by a bystander and sent to hospital for treatment to her minor injuries.

Project Setsuna officially renamed I Am Setsuna

Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory’s tentatively-titled Project Setsuna now has an official title: I Am Setsuna. The staff at Tokyo RPG Factory have set out to bring back the depth, sorrow, storytelling, and character development of the golden era of JRPGs. The battle system of I Am Setsuna has been inspired by that of the famed Chrono Trigger. The game is set to launch in the West this summer for PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam).

Tyranny is coming from Paradox and Obsidian

Obsidian Entertainment (most recently known for Pillars of Eternity) and Paradox Interactive (the company behind Europa Universalis) took advantage of last week’s Game Developers Conference to announce Tyranny, an RPG set in a fantasy world where good and evil clashed — but evil emerged victorious and Kyros the Overlord has taken over. Players become an officer under Kyros’ rule, and get the chance to interact with the land’s population to make them feel either loyalty, disgust, or fear. In fact, they become both judge and executioner. Tyranny will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux upon release.

New trailer for Trillion: God of Destruction explains Affection Points

Its release so close that Dee Dee is salivating in her dressing room, and to make matters worse there is now a new trailer for Idea Factory’s Trillion: God of Destruction. It focuses on the game’s Affection Points, which are essential to claiming victory. A day spent interacting with an Overlord will result in Affection Points, which act as a substitute for HP and MP in battle. Thus, the stronger your relationship with your Overlord the stronger they will be in battle. That’s the power of love, baby!

Elsinore lets you play as Ophelia and change what happens in Hamlet

I am currently left with my mouth agape, wondering why this hasn’t been done one thousand times in the past. Sure, it’s been done a few times, kind of (Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be comes to mind)… but Golden Glitch Studios’ Elsinore appears to put a wonderful spin on it. Expected to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux this fall (spring for those in the Southern half of our wonderful world!), the game is a time-looping adventure that combines social simulation, story, and characters. Ophelia is woken in the middle of the night with a vision of everyone in Elsinore castle being dead in four days time, and she also learns she’s been thrown into a unescapable time loop where those four days must be lived over and over until she can change the future.

Does any of this news tickle your fancy or make you steaming mad? Let us know in the comments! And meet us again next week for a new edition of Catch-up coffee Monday.

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