DDNet Magazine Issue #1; The Unreliable Narrator

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Today, DDNet unveils the start of its regular magazine series. The topic? The unreliable narrator.

Each month, we will take a close look at one specific theme, and investigate a series of games in relation to that theme.

The unreliable narrator is a favourite theme of many in the DDNet team, is it adds a layer of investigative enquiry into the mix. When you can’t be sure with certainty on what you’re being told by the main protagonist, you’ll need to start finding other ways to piece it all together.

In our inaugural issue you’ll find discussions about classic games, including Deadly Premonition, Contrast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Steins;Gate.

So grab a coffee, kick back, and enjoy the read. And please do let us know what you think of what we’re doing with this magazine. As our first, it’s still a learning curve, and your feedback will help us make it even better and more interesting for you going forward!

– Matt S. and the DDNet team

This is the bio under which all legacy DigitallyDownloaded.net articles are published (as in the 12,000-odd, before we moved to the new Website and platform). This is not a member of the DDNet Team. Please see the article's text for byline attribution.

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