Nippon Ichi’s Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight coming to PS Vita

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Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) will be releasing Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight on April 28 for the PlayStation Vita (in Japan. Western release TBA).

The game has many similarities to (Hotaru no Nikki) htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, as it is directed by the same person (Masayuki Furuya) and also features his character design. While Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight isn’t a sequel to The Firefly Diary (the director stated that a sequel was hard to imagine) it seems to be almost a spiritual successor as it follows the same flow as The Firefly Diary.

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Those who play the game will direct a young girl (Rose) and a mysterious giant and they explore (or at least, try to explore) and attempt escape from an old, ruined, thorn-covered castle. Furuya has stated that he took into account concerns about The Firefly Diary being too difficult and has adjusted Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight to be more balanced.

We will keep you updated on any word of a European/American release!

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