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Video games based on comic books, just like licensed video games, are a hit-and-miss affair. However, they are known for getting the occasional adaptation right, like the now-classic Batman Arkham series and perennial favorites such as Sam & Max prove to us. Now 2016’s Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy, developed by award-winning OKAM Studio, seems all set in joining the ranks of the aforementioned.

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You will play as Eurico, the “Pizza Boy” from the title, and solve paranormal cases in the fantastic supernatural underworld of Lisbon with the help of a dedicated crack team and your mentor, the legendary occult detective Dog Mendonça. The game promises to feature beautiful hand-drawn graphics that mimic the style of the comics that it’s based on and abundance of interactivity. It should also expand on the world created by Filipe Melo, the author of the comic.

Slated for release on March 4th for 19.99 euros, Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy will make its way to PC, Mac and Linux.

– Hamza A.

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