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It’s the 26th century. Humanity has become irreversibly stupid. If anyone is found to be too smart, they get sentenced to death by game show.

If the scenario seems somewhat familiar, don’t be alarmed. The developers set out to make an arcade/strategy game, but due to their love affair with the film Idiocracy Death By Game Show actually became an unintentional love letter to the genius that is Mike Judge (the man behind not just Idiocracy, but also Office Space, Extract, and King of the Hill).

In the game, reaction and resources share equal importance. There are 50 levels to fight through, all which chained to something called the Game Show Intimidation Masheen of Pwnage (G.I.M.P.) (and yes, that is spelled correctly – Earth’s population does indeed seem quite dumb). The G.I.M.P. can spawn droids which are then used to help get you through the challenge at hand. There are ten different defensive weapons and buildings featuring “Upgrayedd” technology. There are also six power-ups, including “It’s Got Electrolytes.” As a huge Idiocracy fan, I am tickled pink by all the references to it.

Death By Game Show is out on Steam January 22. At launch, it will be available for Windows, Mac, and PC.

– Lindsay M.
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