Libra of the Vampire Princess set for an English release… if funded on Kickstarter

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If you want an English version of the upcoming visual novel Libra of the Vampire Princess, now’s the time to act! MiKandi Japan and XERO have launched the Kickstarter campaign to bring the English release of the PC game to the masses, and trust me when I say it’s worth looking into.

The game follows Shuma Kusanagi, a typical teenager until he is abducted by the mysterious Iris who reveals to him he is a vampire through ancestry. Iris tries to bring out the vampire in Shuma, but instead he is protected by a ring and instead becomes a partially-turned vampire. With all of the girls in Shuma’s life, how can he stop his urge to suck their blood?

Libra of the Vampire Princess has many storylines to explore, each putting Shuma with a different girl. Despite the serious story, the girls are often upbeat in an attempt to balance the emotional side of the game. There is a ton of information and videos regarding characters and gameplay on the Kickstarter website, so definitely check it out.

If the campaign for Libra of the Vampire Princess is successful, translation will begin immediately.

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