Tin Man Games releases a subscription-model choosable-path adventure app

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Tin Man Games usually releases premium (paid) apps, but they are changing that up with the now-available Choices: And The Sun Went Out for iOS. It is playable on iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch.

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Choices: And The Sun Went Out teams the player with Moti, a digital companion. With Moti’s help, you investigate why the sun vanished and returned after a few hours. There are conspiracies, ancient religions, globetrotting, and murdered scientists involved in the story. The player’s choice makes all the difference.

This game is different from most from the developer, as the narrative updates once a week and will remain ongoing. After players complete Arc 1, they are given the option to subscribe to the app for $1 per month, $2 for three months, or $3 for six months; subscribing gives them access to the latest story arcs.

Regarding the new business model, Tin Man Games’ creative director Neil Rennison said, “We’re really excited about Choices. To our knowledge, this business model hasn’t been attempted before in IF-based apps and we wanted to make our interactive stories reminiscent of the way comic books are delivered on a regular basis.”

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