Catch-up coffee Monday: November 30

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Welcome to Digitally Downloaded’s weekly news feature, Catch-up coffee Monday. Each Monday we will bring you the best news from the previous week that you may have missed. Grab the biggest mug you’ve got, fill it with your favourite brew, and catch up with us!

Pokemon Picross coming to 3DS this week

This is easily the most important news from last week: Pokemon Picross, the free-to-play game Nintendo announced at their recent Direct event, will be available for download on the 3DS December 3. Pokemon Picross combines – what else? – Pokemon images with the popular Picross puzzle format. Pokemon are collected by solving the image puzzles to add that Pokemon to their bank. Each Pokemon has a special skill to help you advance through puzzles; for example, Squirtle can use Blue Force to change the colour of hint numbers own rows with squares that can definitely be filled in.

There is now a release date for Attack on Titan

At least, kind of. The game will be released in Japan this coming February. Still no word on an exact date or an international release, but it’s so near we can almost taste it! Attack on Titan will be released for PS Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

Total War: ATTILA expansion ushers in the Middle Ages

The next expansion for Total War: ATTILA brings players to a time long after Attila’s reign has ended. The Ages of Charlemagne Campaign Pack is described by Sega as being “the largest Total War: ATTILA expansion to date;” a new campaign map filled to the brim with medieval-style artwork shifts the focus to Europe from 768 AD. New era units are introduced (such as Knights and Housecarls) to change battlefield tactics. Over 50 provinces can be conquered, offering hundreds of hours of gameplay. The expansion is out on December 10, but is available for preorder now.

Another week, another art book

I guess our editor Matt was ahead of the game on this one, because it seems that a new game-based art book is being announced every other week. So far, there’s been Fallout 4, Phoenix Wright, and SNES among many others. This time, Titan has announced a book containing the art for Rise of the Tomb Raider. The hardcover book runs at about 190 pages and is available now. It features concept art, 3D renders, sketches, and developer commentary.

Does any of this news tickle your fancy or make you steaming mad? Let us know in the comments! And meet us again next week for a new edition of Catch-up coffee Monday.

– Lindsay M.
News Editor


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