Rock Band 4 gets a standalone Fender Stratocaster controller

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Today brings good news to those of us wanting to upgrade our Rock Band 4 instrument sets as Mad Catz announces the release of a standalone Fender Stratocaster guitar controller for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Now, in addition to the drums, microphone, and guitar available in the Band-in-a-Box bundle; players will be able to acquire a second guitar without having to buy another copy of the game. After all, what is a rock band without both a lead and rhythm guitar?!

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This standalone Strat features the two sets of fret buttons, the silent strum, and the whammy; but also an improved tilt sensor, battery life, and auto-calibration.

The biggest question, however, remains: when are we getting double-necked guitars? It is hard to channel the Jimmy Page within me without appropriately crazy props.

– Eduardo R.


A @DigitallyDownld poll: Do you prefer to play lead or rhythm guitar?

— Lindsay M. (@itslindsay613) November 24, 2015

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