Nintendo launches an improved Developer Portal

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Dataminers digging up references to Twilight Princess HD on the Nintendo Update Server, the Washington Journal claiming that the NX will be outfitted with “industry-leading chips,” a rare extended downtime of Nintendo’s online services, DeNA teasing an upcoming announcement concerning Nintendo’s first mobile game, reports of NX dev kits being sent around, rumours of Genei Inbunroku #FE potentially being the greatest game ever made (the voices are never wrong)… The rumours regarding Nintendo have been non-stop lately.

It is a result of Nintendo’s relative silence following the passing of company president Satoru Iwata. Fans have been starving for announcements coming out of the Kyoto giant (or even information about announcements) as many are unsure about the future of the Nintendo Direct series.

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After weeks of desperately holding on to the tattered vestiges of my self-restraint, my struggle is finally alleviated by the interesting (and newsworthy) launch of a new and improved Nintendo Developer Portal. This website allows game developers, tool developers, and publishers to register, granting them access to the Nintendo Dev Interface and other features—such as free Unity licenses—that aid those parties in bringing their content to Nintendo platforms.

Many agree that Nintendo’s greatest problem for the past few generations has been attracting third parties to their platforms, be it multimillion-selling behemoth AAA franchises, or quirky and experimental indie games. With initiatives such as the Nindies, the Nintendo Web Framework, and the improvement and expansion of their dev-oriented services and dev tools, Nintendo seems to be aiming for just that. What kind of services would you like to see Nintendo enticing developers with?

-Eduardo R.

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