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Star Wars: Battlefront, that isl In just over a month, just about every Star Wars fan on Earth will be getting their hands on a copy of DICE and EA’s upcoming game. Currently in beta testing, things seem to be moving along well enough that DICE has announced a season pass as well as a handful of new game modes for the upcoming shoot-em-up set in a galaxy far, far away.

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The news about the season pass also involves the announcement of a new version of Star Wars: Battlefront that will be available of purchase. DICE has done something similar in the past with many of its games, so this comes as no surprise. The season pass (currently listed at $50 US via Xbox, PlatStation, and Origin) will include four expansion packs that are believed new include new maps. Owners of the season pass receive a slight discount on the bundle versus individual purchase (the DLC packs are expected to run at $15 each), and will also gain access to new content two weeks before non-owners.

For anyone who already knows they want the season pass, there will be an Ultimate Edition of the game available that includes everything in the Deluxe Edition (essentially just a handful of in-game items) plus the season pass. There are no details on pricing yet.

The three news modes include Cargo, Droid Run, and Hero Hunt. Cargo is capture the flag with a Battlefront makeover. Droid Run involves getting your mitts on three different droids and holding them for the remainder of the match; DICE is describing it at “unpredictable and fast” compared to the other game modes. Hero Hunt has players pitted seven against one, with the lone player beginning as either Hero or Villain with the seven others on the opposing side (Rebels or Imperials) until the Hero is killed and the person who killed them takes their place. The person who plays as Hero/Villain longest wins the match.

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