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For just over a year now we’ve been sharing info on Zodiac: Organon Odyssey, the “humble little 2D RPG” that we declared the winner of TGS 2014. The time has finally come where the game’s launch is in sight: it’s slated for release sometime next month on PS Vita and iOS. In anticipation of the release Kobojo has released a video all about Eko, a 12-year old Phyltrian who has never ventured past the limits of Arcon City until he accompanies Cael to the Phyltrian Wetlands.

Zodiac’s website describes Eko has serious but occasionally impulsive. He and his siblings work purifying the city’s water while dreaming of visiting their homeland and their parents, King and Queen Totosu. At least, that is what he does before there is a disaster at the city reservoir and he joins Cael’s party and leaves the city for the first time. Eko also has some pretty sweet moves, such as Aquatic Assault and Soothing Soul.

We will continue to bring you news on Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey as the release draws nearer! Until then, check out its first trailer as well as how it is changing its developer’s business model.

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