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Between Final Fantasy VII on iOS and Final Fantasy Portal there has been a lot of news on (one of) our favourite series, and somehow amongst it all we missed this important information! Below is a “Letter from the Producer” video posted to the Square Enix forums, where the first details about Final Fantasy XIV’s 3.1 update are revealed by Naoki Yoshida (Director) and Toshio Murouchi (Community Manager). Be warned, it’s over two hours long and entirely in Japanese!

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The biggest part of the update will be a new main story quest. There will also be a new side quest line and new Vanu Vanu beast tribe quests. Two new dungeons will be added. A 24-man raise will be set in the Void Ark. Triple Triad will get some new cards and NPCs. There is a new weapon upgrade system coming, and a new battle mini-game. Visitor control will be added to private housing.

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Of course, that’s not all that’s being added or changing, so watch the video or take a look at the post on Square Enix’s forums to learn more details!

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