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We at Digitally Downloaded are so psyched for SMASH! this weekend in Sydney, and we hope everyone reading this who is thinking of attending is too! If you haven’t picked up a ticket online, never fear – tickets are also sold at the door all day and the venue is huge so there’s no fear of filling up.

As for our giveaway, I’ve raided a merchandise store and returned with heaps of cool anime and video game memorabilia! All you need to do is come up to us and say hi, and we’d be glad to reward you for your friendliness!

How to find us, you may ask? Check the “Meet the Team” tab in the About Us section at the top of the page to see what we look like! Harvard and Matt will be attending the event.

Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to muster up any cosplay, but we’ll both be wearing black lanyards with Digitally Downloaded displayed on them, so do come up and say hi if you recognise either of us! We’ll make it worth your while, we promise!

(You’ll also spot Matt running around taking photos of all the awesome cosplays that are sure to be there).

For those following at home, be prepared for awesome coverage of the event along with a gallery of some of our favourite cosplayers!

Hope to see some of you at the convention!

– Harvard L. 

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