Europa Universalis IV + Space = Stellaris

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Paradox revealed its newest titled at a Gamescom Fan Gathering, and now the game is being officially introduced to the rest of the world… or should we say universe? Stellaris promises to take Grand Strategy to new places in a vast galaxy. The reveal trailer shows tiny snippets of what is to come in the game from the same developers who brought us Europa Universalis IV.

In Stellaris, galaxies are like snowflakes: no two are the same. You will discover civilizations both successful and fallen. It’s up to you whether you go mad with power and disrupt not only your civilization but others are well, or make allies to join you in a democratic Federation.

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Swedish developer Paradox describes the game as pausable real-time strategy with multiplayer support. Play on your own or with up to 31 other players. Alien species are all randomized with differing appearances, traits, and ethics. Ships can research anomalies and ancient ruins. Scientists can research new technologies as well as reverse-engineer them from debris or ruins. Oh, and did we mention you can build your own ships?

There are no details yet as to when and for what platform the game will be available, but it’s likely safe to assume it will be a PC exclusive based on the what Paradox has said in the past.

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