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Dragon Quest VII and VIII expected to get Western 3DS releases

Series creator Yuji Horii may have accidentally let the cat (dragon?) out of the bag about two Dragon Quest games being released for the 3DS in the West at Japan Expo 2015. Twitter was abuzz with the news that he confirmed that Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King would be released in French, leading to the conclusion that they would also get an English version. Other Tweets report the translator got upset when the games were mentioned, leading to the mystery. Matt loved Dragon Quest VIII on iPad, so we say: the more, the merrier!

Rayman Adventures soft launches in New Zealand

Mere days after Rayman Adventures was officially announced, the mobile game has soft launched for iOS in New Zealand. It is an auto-runner similar to the previous two mobile installments in the series, but it also contains levels to explore and has added the ability to change directions while running. Rayman Adventures is currently free-to-play for the soft launch, but this may change with the official launch. Let us know if you’ve played, we’d love to know your opinion!

Free-to-play MMO Neverwinter coming to PS4

Around this time last year, we reported that free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter was coming to Xbox One in early 2015. We also accurately predicted this news tidbit: it’s now coming to PlayStation 4! Well, we THINK it is. Trevor Kidd (Dungeons & Dragons Associate Brand Manager) confirmed it’s future release during a livestream on Twitch, but both Cryptic Studios and Perfect World remain tight-lipped about the possibility. Neverwinter was already one of the more popular MMORPGs before beginning its console roll-out earlier this year.

More Marvel console games on the horizon – and not just LEGO!

Some Marvel fans may be frustrated with the lack of currently available console games based on the beloved comic franchise. With blockbuster movie after blockbuster movie and only LEGO games on current-gen consoles to keep you warm at night (what, you don’t snuggle with your PS4 before bed?), who could blame you? The upcoming LEGO Avengers isn’t nearly enough to whet everyone’s appetite, especially since the world of Marvel isn’t quite as shiny-plastic as everything LEGO is. There’s always the mysterious Telltale/Marvel game waiting to be announced, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea either. And Marvel clearly wants everyone to be happy: over the weekend, a fan at Comic-Con asked Marvel Games producer Mike Jones whether they were looking for partners to make console games, and the response was an absolute yes. Expect further announcements next year… and maybe considering booking your ticket for E3 2016 now.

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