World of Tanks Blitz gets an update for jam and scones

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World of Tanks Blitz is easily the best big-budget, serious, free-to-play game on mobile platforms. Despite playing out on a smaller scale than the runaway hit PC and Xbox 360 version, World of Tanks on iOS is a superb action skirmish tank warfare game.

After a generally successful launch on iOS and Android, the developers at Wargaming have started to roll out the content updates, and the first major one introduces a lineup of British tanks to play with. Yes, that’s where I got the terrible headline from.

There are nine British tanks up for grabs in the game range from the low level right up to the ultra-powerful tanks for experts. As with all World of Tanks games they are modelled after real-world tanks, and include the Churchill, Black Prince, Conqueror, and the FV215b.

The update also includes a new map to play on, called Castilla.

While I’m not the world’s biggest fan of multiplayer shooter games, World of Tanks is one that I have left on my iPad all this time, and for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because you’re in control of tanks, it’s a slower paced and more cerebral game, that opens the window for a deeper level of tactical and strategic thinking. And secondly because it’s easy to play in short bursts, and isn’t too demanding in terms of microtransactions, it’s a great way to scratch an itch without a serious time and money investment.

So, if you haven’t given World of Tanks on the iOS and Android devices a go yet, then this new patch is the time to start.

– Matt S. 
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