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KUNG LAO WINS! Oh, my apologies; I was absorbed in a flashback from my MK II days, a time when combos in the series consisted of spamming high-punch until your foe foolishly stumbled into its inescapable flurry. Today, however, Warner Bros. Interactive has released a trailer with highlights of Kitana and Kung Lao’s fighting prowesses that are far more impressive and complex than continuous jabs to the forehead.

The trailer begins with Raiden materialising from a blast of lightning teleportation and asking the most important question any potential eavesdropper of Outworld could potentially overhear: “Where have you been, Kung Lao?!” Then Kitana responds to a taunt by brandishing her fan blades and getting into her pre-fight “Really?!” stance.

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“I mean, REALLY?!”
She runs up Kano’s torso as though his crotch and chest are components to a makeshift stair master, soars into the air over his head, and lands behind him, embedding her blades in his kisser.
“This is a typical Monday morning for me, baybeeee.”
Presumably familiar with Kano’s penchant for placing his hands on and between valuables that have no chance of ever belonging to him, Kitana relieves him of his most precious tools.
“I can still hug with no hands, baybeeee.”
And of course, it wouldn’t be a true Kitana/ Kung Lao trailer without Quan Chi screaming in unquestionable delight as his face is slowly forced into the supernatural buzz-saw that is Kung Lao’s hat.
You can check out the full trailer for yourself below. Just be sure to wear a rain coat; blood may spray from your screen and on to your brand new turtle neck. 

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