The 24 Games of Christmas! Day #21: Disney Magical World

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We’re counting down to Christmas!

There is a long history in Christmas in counting down the days from the first of December to the big day – after all, who hasn’t had an Advent Calendar at some point?
So we’re celebrating the silly season with a countdown of our own. One game that has been released this year that makes for the perfect Christmas game, each day, all the way down to Christmas Eve. 
You can see previous games on our own little Advent Calendar on the side of the site. Just click on any date that has passed and you’ll be redirected (don’t get too excited and jump ahead though – the current page will simply reload). Hopefully it keeps you and your family in the good times for the whole of the best time of year. 
Happy gaming!

 The 24 Games Of Christmas
Day #21: Disney Magical World

(Read our review of the game here)

We’ve already noted that the Disney magic and Christmas share a fair dose of nostalgia between them that comes from a similar place – a fond remembrance of a more innocent, happy time. A love of peace and simplicity, and a desire for light entertainment over hard-and-heavy themes. 
Disney Magical World encapsulates this more than any other game ever produced by Disney. If we were to simplify it down, we’d say it was an Animal Crossing clone, only that instead of building up a home to live in, you’re managing a shop (that never needs to turn a profit if you don’t want it to). You’ll decorate it and help out citizens of the town with their various concerns, but otherwise you just amble aimlessly around and soak in the atmosphere. 
But that’s not doing justice to the subtle atmosphere and brilliant use of Disney characters that is akin to spending time in one of the the theme parks. So for the child in all of us, Disney Magical World is the perfect game for the holiday season.

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