EB Expo 2014: Photos of stuff

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Photos by Brad L.

It’s been a busy time of the year for shows and exhibitions, with both Tokyo Game Show and EGX immediately preceding Australia’s own EB Expo. One of the most enjoyable reasons to go to one of these shows is to see the set designs. With companies going to ever-greater lengths to turn their booths into complete experiences there are all kinds of models, designs and stuff in boxes to look at.

(Click here for three slideshows of Tokyo Game Show’s girls)

(Click here for David’s in-depth write-up of EGX)

Below you can find some of our favourites from the weekend. Whether it’s the gory zombie squashed under a car (which is a recurring theme… a couple of years ago it was a zombie under a bus to promote ZombiU), through to an early look at Nintendo’s Amiibo miniatures (we do want ’em all!), and even a creepy Pikachu thing, these set designs really did help to set an atmosphere of fun for the event.

Nintendo’s Amiibo miniatures are of an exceptional quality. Even if you don’t use them for games, you’ll want to collect ’em all.

Lego art is awesome.


The New 3DS allows players to customise their console with changable face plates. This is awesome.

Idea for new Mega Man game – Super Baloon Mega Man. One hit and he pops.

As with previous years, there was a retro gaming section. This time around it had that very underrated Donkey Kong bongo game!
Quite possibly the creepiest Pikachu ever.

– Brad L. 

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